About Us


I have been blessed with many opportunities to live and work abroad, largely in Bolivia and in India where I have spent several inspiring years.

I was trained as a Waldorf/Steiner teacher at Emerson College in Sussex and have taught in various schools in Britain. I have also spent some time in Camphill Communities, working with people with special needs.

I have undertaken both Buddhist and Christian retreats in England, Italy and India, including lengthy stays at Fr. Bede Griffiths’ ashram and Benedictine monastery in India. Sufi teachings have also been an important influence in my life.

My passions include singing, (especially folk); meeting people and communicating in different languages; creative writing; poetry; weaving; walking in the mountains…

Over many, many years I have nurtured a vision to gather together the various spiritual strands of my life in establishing a retreat house – inspired by traditional monastic life – where people can come to share both a sense of solitude, and a sense of community. Seeking to provide a warm and supportive atmosphere in which each guest can find the space to be more deeply in touch with their personal journey – an opportunity to discover an expansive sense of renewal and hope.


My career has been largely spent trading in traditional crafts and this has given me the opportunity to travel to India, Nepal and Bali sourcing products as well as throughout the UK visiting customers. It was a dedicated fair trade enterprise which I loved but then the time came to step outside of commerce to devote my time to our garden, our land and our guests.

Over three decades I have been involved as an administrative volunteer in Steiner Schools, both in Yorkshire and in Devon and it was through the Devon school that I discovered a love of drama, performing in a number of Shakespeare productions, some of the best fun it’s possible to have!

Through my work on the School Council I was prompted to study for a professional qualification in conflict resolution and mediation. I have found that almost any issue can be resolved if people in conflict can be helped to explore their deeper feelings, to express them and to listen to the other person with attention and respect.

Like Lizzy, my personal journey has been nourished and deepened through my experience of retreats in various parts of the world. I especially seek to share with guests a sense of the sacred in the garden and potager; the simple rhythm of daily life here; and the wondrous cycle of the seasons.