We have five single rooms to offer, each within easy reach of bathroom facilities. Each room has a small table for writing or reading, and a comfortable basket chair. Silence is observed upstairs at all times.

All meals are vegetarian, using an abundance of vegetables freshly gathered from our kitchen garden, and supplemented with other locally sourced and organic ingredients. Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements, and we will do our best to meet them.

Breakfast is in silence, continuing the quiet mood of the morning meditation. Lunch and supper are meals that we share together around the table (in the garden in fine weather) enjoying each others’ company and conversation, and sometimes silence, depending on the wishes of the guests.

Three days (and nights) is the minimum length of stay, to give you time to settle in and make it a worthwhile experience; two weeks is the maximum.

There is a no smoking policy indoors.

Being on retreat is a perfect opportunity to take a real break from the pressure of modern technology and the demands it places upon us. For this reason, and out of respect for the other guests on retreat, we ask that all mobile phones be switched off during your stay at La Source. However, if you need to check for urgent messages, or make a call, this can be arranged.

We ask also that you keep your lap-top closed, so you can make the most of the atmosphere of peace and simplicity whilst on retreat