For us, this is not a business, but a way of life we wish to share. With the dramatic rise in the cost of living, we have reluctantly been obliged to adjust our tariffs. We have chosen to keep this increase to the absolute minimum as we seek to make retreats accessible to as many people as possible.

For those who are able, and so inclined, we have now introduced a “donations box/fund” to help finance essential maintenance, repairs and renewals. We wish to emphasise that there is no expectation or obligation to contribute into this fund, rather it is an invitation to help support the ongoing work of La Source.

For a stay of 3 or 4 nights the charge is now €98 per night/day. This covers everything – your room, all meals and refreshments, and participation in all our daily activities. For a stay of 5 or more nights it is €93 per night/day. (Payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque please, we don’t take bank cards.)

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